I’m Heli like a helicopter without a copter.

This blog exists to share my thoughts about ideas I’ve come across whether in the form of books, speeches or other media.

One main thing relevant for me is the style in which different types of information get delivered, because the form often defines accessibility and acceptance. Bullshit ideas delivered in good style resonate with readers more than great ideas delivered in bad style or with an arrogant tone.

The key to engage your audience is to be engaged to the point you are making, to be in love and inspired by what you want to bring across.

Over time and through rigorous studies I have become a specialist in certain areas in psychology and hence my blog includes more and more entries about stuff that matters to me in this area. A large field that I intend to focus more on is applied psychology and especially how understanding human psychology can benefit any area in business – from strategy creation to various details in operation, including in areas we normally don’t think would be solved by a psychologist. More about these solutions in upcoming posts. If this intro was enough to intrigue you, I’d be happy to collaborate to help your business do better. Hit me up via contact!

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