Bias of dating

Going on dates is not a good way to find love. The process itself gets you biased if you do end up starting a relationship. One of the things that makes dating a fucked up business is the concept called relationship escalator. Dates - kiss - sex - relationship - moving in - getting married... Continue Reading →

Help. A call for more of it to the world

How do people succeed? If the measure of success is financial wealth, then generally and statistically, mostly it's people who don't have to work their asses off, who were born into money. SES a good measure for it has been studied a lot. Even the marshmallow test got somewhat invalidated because the best predictor for... Continue Reading →

What we all want

It's easy to fall prey to the belief that we want the things, goals, activities, people that we want because it defines us, because we free-willingly come up with these ideas, or destiny brings us to desire these. Whatever explanations people can come up with, there are a few points that can explain all our... Continue Reading →

One hundred minutes of rain per day

A few years ago I went to Istanbul with the ERASMUS+ study programme. That semester was one of the best times of my life - you travel, party, discover yourself and the world, devour inspiration from history and the nature. I thought that my second Erasmus should be something different that it should be about... Continue Reading →

Why are you conscious?

Susan Blackmore asks the cuestion "Are you conscious now?" in her "Consciousness - an introduction" over and over again, making you eventually remember to ask that from yourself a few times per day. How can I know I'm conscious? How does it feel to be conscious? What's the difference between consciousness and focus? What the... Continue Reading →

Study, study, study…

When it comes to textbooks, what most people recall is dull texts of how some author says how things are, and reading through them holding onto your chair as if otherwise you'd take off like a rocket - they're that bad. At least the school ones. However, there's one explicitly recommendable one I stumbled upon... Continue Reading →

Just the wind’s howling there now

The cities you lived, studying abroad... Don't return. It cancels the memories. Us, the ghosts on the streets - they disappear. Now, you see them going by in your memories. The first moments you set your foot there, they run by, they laugh, they smile, they dance, they live. Ad once you've walked a bit... Continue Reading →

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