Just the wind’s howling there now

The cities you lived, studying abroad…

Don’t return.

It cancels the memories.

Us, the ghosts on the streets – they disappear.

Now, you see them going by in your memories.

The first moments you set your foot there, they run by, they laugh, they smile, they dance, they live.

Ad once you’ve walked a bit too far, they begin to fade away.

The places lose the spirit they encompassed. They turn dull and feel as gray as a rainy foggy afternoon. The stars from the deep blue night sky have been erased, and you are the lonely Moon.

They lose the moments, they lose the laughter, they lose the smiles, they lose the nonsence, the dance, the chats – they lose the meaning.

It becomes a bundle of streets that have no beginning, no end, no purpose, no emotions. No feelings. They are empty.

Empty of the ones you loved.

And the empty streets overtake your memories. They override the controls. Pictures remain, and feelings are lost. Gone forever.


Because what was, was magnificent,

Never return.

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