Just the wind’s howling there now

The cities you lived, studying abroad... Don't return. It cancels the memories. Us, the ghosts on the streets - they disappear. Now, you see them going by in your memories. The first moments you set your foot there, they run by, they laugh, they smile, they dance, they live. Ad once you've walked a bit... Continue Reading →

Going down the rabbit hole

As I enter the room and sit by the table that includes familiar faces from the conference, someone sitting next to me strikes up a conversation with a brilliant line that encompasses a question about the purpose of existence. I ignore the fact that we barely mentioned we recognize eachother and barely said our names,... Continue Reading →

When a book makes you fall asleep

Wake up, assess the ROI; figure that the book is interesting and useful, but wasting hours of daylight on sleeping lowers its value. Decide it should be read in the evening, right before going to sleep.

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