little we know and poor we perform

"What makes it hard for me to even think of finishing this book is the realization of how stupid we truly are and all that shit applies to me as well and... well... I guess it's just too depressing to even think about your own limitations, knowing that there is almost nothing you can do... Continue Reading →

subconscious submarine

Subconscious fills Missing gaps in perception And memory fails.   Memory - not some Recording machine, but your Own experience.   If our brains don't understand that they don't understand some things, they make things up - subconsciously.  

Sugar and sick

I used to be a chocoholic until this autumn when I was so broke I couldn't afford any sweets for a whole two months. My eating habits were the same as usual, only with the exception of no sweets [and no shrimps, gawd I love shrimps]. At some point I started to feel numb towards... Continue Reading →

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