Presenting, pitching, public speaking -fear no more

Public speaking rates the second biggest and most common fear in the world. We are afraid to perform in front of all those people. It feels like being naked, all your vulnerabilities unveiled.

Let me be frank this time. An act of public speaking is more similar to a discussion with a friend than a rock concert featuring you on stage. The essence what makes any pitch successful and easy, is thinking.

Yes, thinking. Thinking, imagining on stage, while talking.

No, not reading the script from your memory.

Yes, thinking.

“Practice makes perfect, ” they say – so why bother writing a script or practice it, you may ask.

Preparing a script is vital. You are the one who should lead the audience. Don’t let them sit on you. By preparing a script, by preparing your thread of thought, you can prepare their reactions and thoughts, prepare how to alter their feelings and guide them to understanding and agreeing with you. Your rehearsal is all about practicing your thread of thought – when are you going to discuss which part, what follows what, what is the message you want to deliver.

C’est tout.

Thinking and imagining what you are saying while presenting it will make you a thousand times more interesting to follow. Add passion and you might be perceived as a rockstar.

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