Sugar and sick

I used to be a chocoholic until this autumn when I was so broke I couldn’t afford any sweets for a whole two months. My eating habits were the same as usual, only with the exception of no sweets [and no shrimps, gawd I love shrimps]. At some point I started to feel numb towards chocolate and all sweets. They even felt repelling.

When the first spurs of runny-nosey-flu-shitty-illnesses started to fly around, I was already expecting I’d begin my traditional all-winter-long “Plz let me breathe”session, but it didn’t affect me a bit. I stayed healthy whereas most people around me were all red-nosed reindeer.

Then, suddenly I stopped being so broke and thought I’d award myself with a chocolate (or was it a christmas present?). I ate it out of habit, though I didn’t feel like having one. The next day was a welcoming ceremony of a week-long nose marathon. I was sick and I KNEW it was the chocolate that got my immunity down.

Ever since I began [besides not having an appetite for it, also] to consciously avoid sugar, people around may sneeze, cough or run their nose marathons as much as they want, I’ve remained healthy.

Can anyone lend a helping hand and point out research that has confirmed the link between sugar consumption and low immunity?

Had I saved every cent I spent on sweets,

had I already gotten to travel to Bhutan for a few weeks.

That makes a nice poem.

I thank my genes and the high prices of fast food here that my weight never changes.

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