The numbers will rise

The numbers will rise, stop staring at them. They grow and grow and we know the majority of real cases go undetected. I could infect my granny, you could infect yours, human contact is lava - avoid at all cost. You stare at the numbers, search for updates, try to make calculations. You seek out... Continue Reading →

Social code

I see you on the street. I know you know me. I say hello. Say hello, come on! Why do you hide your head? Pretend you didn't see? Isn't that a familiar situation? Isn't it familiar to occasionally do that to someone you're not quite sure they remember you or how they think of you,... Continue Reading →

What we all want

It's easy to fall prey to the belief that we want the things, goals, activities, people that we want because it defines us, because we free-willingly come up with these ideas, or destiny brings us to desire these. Whatever explanations people can come up with, there are a few points that can explain all our... Continue Reading →

Sunflower faces

I have expressed my dislike about the Netherlands enough. It's about time to share my appreciation to the things I truly liked and actually miss. Simple statistics. I like to meet new people and I admit to going to a lot of tinder dates. Yeah, I might be a weirdo. What a great way to... Continue Reading →

About relationships, again

Many people have mentioned me their judgments about students going abroad for a semester and immediately finding themselves lovers or partners for life. They have expressed their concerns that "youth nowadays cannot just enjoy life, they must partner up the moment they experience freedom" indicating that they think it's wrong that people - statistically more... Continue Reading →

When you feel like $#!7

Nod if you've ever felt down. Emotional rollercoasters in the negative are philosophized to be good and even necessary for being able to appreciate and enjoy the peak experiences and moments of joy - pure or not. However, whenever those lows hit, the last thing in most of our minds is appreciating the different experience.... Continue Reading →

Predictions in Mind

As I was sitting at that table, opposing my strange Tinder date, his suit too wide from the shoulders and socks too short to cover legs while seated, he exclaimed: "There will be a day when all that happens in the world could be explained and predicted with physics!" referring to being able to measure... Continue Reading →

Five things I learned selling fireworks

Christmas music sucks The shopping centre my little explosives booth is set up has the same playlist for each day. Same hour, same song. The whole day constitutes of a variety of a few alternative songs, a few popsongs, and some christmas music. 10:45 Adele, „Hello from the other siiiiiiiide“ and around 3pm it’s time... Continue Reading →

The art of touch

Have you wondered how the touch of a stranger feels familiar? How someone understands exactly when to touch, how briefly to brush by, when to look you in the eye. There's passion in every word, every move, every meaning. You feel like you've known the Stranger for eons. Your understanding of eachother enriches you. You understand... And... Continue Reading →

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