The art of touch

Have you wondered how the touch of a stranger feels familiar? How someone understands exactly when to touch, how briefly to brush by, when to look you in the eye. There’s passion in every word, every move, every meaning. You feel like you’ve known the Stranger for eons. Your understanding of eachother enriches you. You understand… And that touch… it feels so tender yet so ripe.

Have you wondered how the touch of an other stranger feels familiar?  How someone has mastered the theory or radiates an energy that causes attraction. The technique is on the spot. The flirt is delightful. Butterflies. Your gut feels awry and guides your thoughts to questioning if the Stranger is capable of understanding you. The game is hot… And that touch… it feels so inviting yet so raw.

Have you wondered if mastering the technique without honesty is possible? How vulnerability creates the fundaments of our relationships, how we need to open up and communicate freely, with all of our fears and expectations laid naked before one another to achieve sustainable relationships? Sharing the thoughts is terrifying. “What might they think of me?” “What if it scares them away?” “What if they want attachment and I don’t?” You stand at the edge of a cliff and you are expected to dive in the turquoise Mediterranean waters. You fear the unknown bottom, you fear the water were cold, you enjoy the comfort of the known, but you do not see the vampires chasing you down. You either jump and have fun, learn, get closer to your dreams; or you retreat and be taken over by the invisible demons, sucking the life out of you. The jump is terrifying yet rewarding.

Have you wondered how the thoughts of a stranger feel familiar? How you understand eachother, see the world in a healthy way that you enliven by the discussion. They think in a way that complements yours and your existence. Energy flows in your brain. Your are alert and focussed. You are in a state of flow and enjoy the discussion. You are so taken by the conversation that you forget to notice the distance between you. The cold hands of the stranger. My bad – you would not know the hands were cold. Once you realize all you enjoyed about the presence of the Stranger were the thoughts – and you remain indifferent about who was the person behind them. The Stranger seemed to understand you so well, yet understood nothing. You needed a brush by the back, a tap on a shoulder, a glimpse of touch on your forearm, a nose in your hair, warm air on your ear. The Stranger knew none of it.

Have you wondered how we all need to be understood? How we need our thoughts, ideas and feelings reflected and reorganized for us? We become indifferent towards the ones who fail to understand. So we think. Our feelings decide. The feelings win. We can think we enjoyed the intellectual stanger more, yet our mind gets addicted to the feelings. So we yearn for the flirt, for the touch. We yearn to feel alive. And that touch… it feels so simple yet so rewarding.

You have wondered – among all that we need to feel alive, we need to be mindful… to master the art of touch.

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