Going down the rabbit hole

As I enter the room and sit by the table that includes familiar faces from the conference, someone sitting next to me strikes up a conversation with a brilliant line that encompasses a question about the purpose of existence. I ignore the fact that we barely mentioned we recognize eachother and barely said our names,... Continue Reading →

When a book makes you fall asleep

Wake up, assess the ROI; figure that the book is interesting and useful, but wasting hours of daylight on sleeping lowers its value. Decide it should be read in the evening, right before going to sleep.


Normal, abnormal, normal, abnormal… Is blasting yourself up and occasionally taking innocent lives with you in the process normal or not? What makes a person do things that hinder the society from faster development, such as self-destruction with special effects including explosions, minced meat, newspaper headlines, and crying faces? To assess, whether suicide bombers are... Continue Reading →

A short declaration of eventual victory

Once upon a time I was walking home and suddenly it stroke me: Most of our thoughts are actually feelings, we feel ideas, we just know things. I had felt it all the time. Every moment when some interesting idea had surfaced, what happened in me sharing it did not include internal discussion. It was... Continue Reading →

little we know and poor we perform

"What makes it hard for me to even think of finishing this book is the realization of how stupid we truly are and all that shit applies to me as well and... well... I guess it's just too depressing to even think about your own limitations, knowing that there is almost nothing you can do... Continue Reading →

subconscious submarine

Subconscious fills Missing gaps in perception And memory fails.   Memory - not some Recording machine, but your Own experience.   If our brains don't understand that they don't understand some things, they make things up - subconsciously.  

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