A short declaration of eventual victory

Once upon a time I was walking home and suddenly it stroke me: Most of our thoughts are actually feelings, we feel ideas, we just know things. I had felt it all the time. Every moment when some interesting idea had surfaced, what happened in me sharing it did not include internal discussion. It was feelings decoded straight into speech.

Try explaining this to a skeptic. Well… I tried. They remained skeptic. Now there is Kahneman with his system I, the fast automatic thinking process to prove this concept – feeling is a form of thinking.



With this little brag I’d like to tell you that I’ll slow down the writing for the summer. I’ll write when I have something to say, not to suck the ink out of a pen.

Meanwhile there’s a bunch of old posts that noone has read, so feel free to discover stuff or I don’t really check my bounce rate so do as you please. Drop a line of comments if something provokes you to think, agree or disagree. I’ll appreciate that!

Enjoy the three reasons why survive a winter: June, July, August!

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