Help. A call for more of it to the world

How do people succeed? If the measure of success is financial wealth, then generally and statistically, mostly it’s people who don’t have to work their asses off, who were born into money. SES a good measure for it has been studied a lot. Even the marshmallow test got somewhat invalidated because the best predictor for who would withhold their urge to have the marshmallow now, were kids of high socioeconomic status.

There is, however, another, though smaller group of people who tend to succeed. It’s people who are friends with the already somewhat successful people. Be it they’re successful in SES terms or a position of influence.  How does being friends with them get them there? There’s a term for that. People call it corruption.

We consider corruption as wrong, because what people do is maintain a closed circle that outsiders aren’t able to penetrate. It’s giving their friends certain opportunities. If we’d strip this of the closed circle maintenance, what we’d get is people helping others. Is it corruption if you discover some person who is good at a particular trade and you know someone who needs this skill around, and you offer that job to this person? Would it be corruption if we’d actively seek out their unexpected talents and connect them to where those talents are needed? No. It’s helping out.

In a way, both being born into money and being advanced by friends or acquaintances is being helped out. Like getting an extra kick in the butt that helps you fly further. What if we’d all do that? What if we’d all spend a little more effort in identifying the strengths and hidden talents of our close ones who may or may not need that extra push, that one intro, that one heads up, that one compliment, that one endorsement. It’s help that gets us all to places.

We can maximize serendipity and help our friends further. If we all do that, the world-village will once more become a tinier and a friendlier place to be in. And well, what you reap is what you sow.




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