Relationship bingo!

After his 3 year relationship broke, my friend asked me "So which one is more relevant in choosing a partner: feelings or rationality?" One blink and I had to answer "A bit of both." Some years ago when I was a bit more naive, I stumbled into a toxic relationship. After one year of struggling... Continue Reading →

Why should you consult a psychologist for your business

Everything we do is for people and by people.* When I speak about improving things about your business, often people think I mean working on workplace mental health improvement. That is not what I mean. Yet it is an easy assumption to make because if you know just a bit about psychology, you may have... Continue Reading →

Study, study, study…

When it comes to textbooks, what most people recall is dull texts of how some author says how things are, and reading through them holding onto your chair as if otherwise you'd take off like a rocket - they're that bad. At least the school ones. However, there's one explicitly recommendable one I stumbled upon... Continue Reading →

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