Magic Reality by Edvin Aedma [Estonian]

Despite that it’s highly improbable that “Maagiline Reaalsus” will ever be translated, I feel a necessity to express my thoughts about it.

Edvin writes short stories about kings, magicians, robots, bugs and several other characters and their adventures. Everything is very absurd and most plots are surprising, yet others don’t seem to have a plot. The plotless stories were the most absurd ones. Maybe the plot was the unexpected end?

Somehow the stories possess a magic power. Every time reading them I felt a peaceful joy come over me, wrapping me into seeing how ridiculous life is. There I was, behind my desk, giggling at my own stupidity. I felt playful and free, like nothing matters, like it’s totally fine not to own control over my own life. When I felt bad it made me feel alright and when I felt alright I suddenly felt excellent.

The book is ridiculous, absurd and cute. If I weren’t home with absurd stories, it would have been a 24/7 WTF??

Since I am, it reduced the “WTF??” only by half.

Let’s laugh at our seriousness a bit more often!

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