Fear – Understanding and Accepting the Insecurities of Life by OSHO

I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the volume of Donald Drumpf’s media coverage and sharp items flying.

Osho provokes a healthy mindset. It is similar to getting rid of spiritual materialism, telling us we are just energy. We just exist and we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously. We are part of a bigger existence and “I” am not well distinguishable from anything else in this world. All that we are is the present moment. We identify strongly with our memories, yet we are in constant flux. We change. What we believed yesterday, we don’t today. It’s all gone. The way Osho speaks is something that the people who would need his teachings most would ignore and consider that he is telling crap before hearing out. Drumpf probably wouldn’t read it. Osho provokes people to look inside of themselves, to sit still, to enjoy the silence, to learn what they are and to see beauty in everything. It is a beautiful read.

Now, I’m not going to go in depth with his teachings. I’ll tell you how it made me feel.

I felt free reading it. It felt like I could let go of anything and everything that could ever hold me back. It got my juices flowing and filled me with positivity. I felt healthy.

He explained in a peaceful flow how useless it is to fear, but we shouldn’t forbid ourselves that feeling. Whenever we fear – that should be embraced too. Your body is shaking out of fear for ego-death. You’re about to hit the spotlight, you become aware of yourself, but oh you do not want all of these people judge you! So what?! Other people don’t care and fear is an interesting feeling. When afraid, we should act anyway, stay fearful, act, and not escape from it. Escapism won’t get us far.

Talking about fear reminds me of a girl I met. She grew up in a society that thinks girls are weak and need to be protected and never left alone. The day we met was the first time for her to be by herself, out there in this world, out of the comfort zone. For her it was a freak-out zone. She left back home the next day, despite that she was supposed to stay in this new country for about half a year. She cancelled her plans to go back to cozy familiarity, despite that she knew what an amazing experience and a chance of personal growth she would face staying.

I knew how she felt like. It creates insta-regret. It reminded me of those times I travelled alone somewhere and sometimes discovered myself in a place I couldn’t feel quite welcome. This feeling of restlessness took over and I couldn’t quite settle. Every time I chose to escape and head to the next place, plans would start falling apart. People I was supposed to meet would have had time the day later; or hours after leaving I would hear from a friend or an acquaintance that they actually had time to meet up or chill. Things are always better than they seem to be in the first place.

It reminds all those parties that were random and boring in the middle. If you follow the restlessness that comes with the mid-party boredom and leave, you miss out all the real fun that follows after most people left. Patience brings fun. We don’t always decode right what our guts are telling us. The fact that we are bored and cannot connect to people means simply that we are afraid to get out there and get involved. Getting involved is where the fun lay. No one else is judging us more than our ego does.

There is no need to fear life. However, once fear takes us over, we should embrace it and act anyway. Fear is a superpower. We don’t need to be brave, we just need to love the life we are living and the people around us.

Fear is beautiful.

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